Ground Source(geothermal)Heat Pumps
The latest and most efficient heat pump technology, geothermal or ground source heat pumps offer exceptional  energy efficiency, they work by utilising stable sub ground temperatures to generate heat through compression.GSHPs are more efficient than the more common air to water heat pumps, which are heavilly influenced by fluctuating input temperature. The air of course being much colder when you most need the heat output. A ground source unit will give constant heating performance often in excess of  4 to 1 against power input  because the in ground temperature is stable all year round 
Heat is extracted from the ground by a closed loop collector which is laid in trench or field area
  Gshp field   Field area        or   gshp trench Trench
The amount of collector required is dependent on the system load and is also influenced by the ground type, the best ground being wet and sandy - the worst being rocky ground which will require the pipe to be laid in a layer of introduced sand. Typically collectors will be somewhere from 500m to 1000m in total length, which is charged with a water/glycol mix. 
We Can assist you with your system design inc, ground loop sizing
The collector will require an additional pump with the capacity to circulate the glycol mix through the GSHP we can supply a pump based on the length and diameter of the collector. ( to avoid incorect selection these pumps are not shown in our store )
Our range of European Spec, GSHPs are manufactured using the latest technology by Hiseer in China to comply with exacting European specifications, the contol system incorporated into each unit is sourced from Siemens a leading German manufacturer All Hiseer heat pumps hold European standards certification.
Please do be wary though our GSHPs are of high quality, there are also poor quality heat pumps in New Zealand that are coming in from other lesser quality chineese manufacturers.
The latest technology and exceptional value for money from a genuine world class manufacturer
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Our range of GSHPs includes
Two basic formats are available either heating only output or with a factory fitted domestic hot water output These models have an inbuilt diverter valve and pump,  there are two output connections to provide both heating and domestic hot water heating through the use of a hot water cylinder with an internal coil. 
In addition the the above,we also have a unique GSHP model capable of 70 degree output temperatures. This is a market first from Hiseer and demonstrates their leading edje technolgy allowing for the first time a GSHP to be used as the heat source for a traditional Euro style radiator heating system.
Our GSHPs are not only excellent performers they are built to the highest standards even the outer case has been designed to be less commercial in appearance than most and  finished with an enamel case which is east clean and allows excellent access for future maintenance. The unit is also fitted with a cabinet lock to prevent children or unauthorised persons gaining access. 
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GSHPs  are by indent order only -  a 50%deposit applies upon placement of order  -  Please allow 6- 7 Weeks for delivery
GSHPs from Savona  technology at its best