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Frequently Asked Questions
In order to assist you with your project our technical support team are available on line to answer your questions and provide you with advice, below are a selection of frequently askedquestions and our answers.
note; All advice and and answers to technical questions are given on the understanding that they have been given,
 based on limited information supplied - Savona can in no way be held liable for any issues arising from actions
 taken as a result of information given.
  • Q,  Do Savona have installers able to install our system.    
  • A,We do not have our own installers - we do have a list of companies and independent fitters who are happy to install our products the list can be viewed on our web site - you can of course use your regular plumber, most good tradesmen will have no problems installing our products for you.  
  • Note;  though we list installers we believe are competent we can not guarantee  workmanship we would advise you to ensure you are comfortable with any contractor before engaging them for your project.


  • Q,Can you assist us with a design and or recommendations for our home.
  • A,Yes we can provide such a service, we do make a small charge for this service, you can find out more on our design service page.


  • Q, Are your products Guaranteed, How long is the guarantee.
  • A, Yes all our products carry guarantees, the period depends on the item, the period of guarantee is shown for each individual item listed in our on line store.
  • Note; our guarantees are only applicable when the relevant product has been used for its intended purpose and installed in accordance with the manufacturers instructions and in compliance with all relevant building codes.



  • Q,We are renovating can we install a radiator system in stages.
  • A,Yes radiator systems can be added to in stages - we would recommend a system have at least 4 radiators in the first stage. In most instances the boiler will have excess capacity well above the house in its current size.
  • Note System efficiency will of course be effected when a system is incomplete.



  • Q,Can we have two heat sources both heating our system.
  • A, Yes most systems can share two heat sources, for example a gas boiler can be used to provide on demand heat ensuring instant heat on cold winter mornings - with a wood boiler linked into the system that can then be energised as required burning perhaps a free source of wood during the day and evening and thus saving gas.
  • A, There are many ways to cross over systems - we can assist with this through our design service. 
  • Q,Can we install a heating system ourselves.
  •  A,The law permits you to install a sealed heating system yourself  (no permanent water connection) so the answer is yes. However - You must use a registered plumber to make any connection to the domestic water supply (filling loop etc,) Also if you are installing a Gas boiler the Gas supply and connection to the boiler must be done by a Craftsman gas fitter (who must issue a Gas certificate) Flues for wood boilers and oil boilers are another area which you may need a specialist for, as these require a council permit
  • Note; We have found that councils differ in their requirements, therefor we recommend you check with your local council prior to installing any type of heating system - simply to ensure you have all permits necessary before you start.


  • QDo your radiators come with brackets how do they fix to the wall
  • A yes all our radiators include brackets - for fixing to hollow gib walls you can find special toggle fixings in our peripheral items page of our on line store