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What is central heating& how does it work
Central heating is any means of heating an entire home, using a single heat source
Historically here in New Zealand the only systems being sold were blown warm air systems. These are a relatively simple system though  they are often difficult to install and they are not realy the most effective or efficient form of heating rarely seen in energy concious markets such as the EU
By far the most prolific type of central heating worldwide is the use of a Gas boilerUsed to heat water which is pumped to radiators which then in turn transmit heat throughout the home. World wide, radiator systems account for around 60% of all central heating systems.
Today radiator systems in NZ can be Gas, Wood or oil fired, or even in some instances powered by Ground source heat pumps 
Radiator systems are closely followed by Under floor heating systems which account for a further 35% of the world market, Under floor systems work in much the same way as radiator systems, turning the entire floor into an invisible radiator.
Each system has its advantages - Under floor is invisible but conversely - radiators are very quick to respond. Generally speaking radiator systems will cost less per season to run than Under floor systems. 
.boiler in cupboard The Biasi riva Gas boiler small in size BIG on power
Heat pumps
Wall mounted heat pumps rely on taking heat from the outside ambient temperature. They are not true central heating, though they can be effective heating for individual areas, even when multiple units are installed they do not distribute the same even spread of heat throughout the entire home.  ducted heat pump systems are more effective but are still limited. and though heat pumps can still heat when the outside temperature drops this is when you need them most and also when they are at their least efficient.
GSHPsor ground source heat pumps are more efficient and can actually be used as the power plant of a radiant system they are particularly good for under floor heating systems
 98% of all UK  homes  have Central heating including every state house , the vast majority of which are radiator systems,
Interestingly seasonal daily temperatures in the the South of England are on a par with those of Wellington and the Lower North Island !!!!
Central heating is becoming increasingly popular in New Zealand, actually growing in popularity at a higher rate than Heat pumps, which simply through their ready availability and the intensive marketing by  various manufacturershave well sold here as heating
Savona is at the forefront of the push towards promotion of genuine high quality heating solutions
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