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Invisibleunder floor heating...
A great option for those seeking a minimalist look or building an open plan home with limited wall space.
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Under floor systems have become a popular choice for Kiwi home owners, but there are some issues to consider.
Before you go ahead with an in floor system consider
The type of slab in which the pipes are to be laid
In Europe, infloor heating is laid in a second layer of screed (fine aggregate concrete) which is placed on insulation board above the main flooring slab. This screed is a mere 60mm thick and because it laid over an insulator board provides more responsive and therefore more efficient systems than the typical NZ format of pipes tied to the mesh in a slab of 100 mm thickness
Passive solar input
Our climate with its frequent periods of winter sunshine can actually be a disadvantage.For instance on a winters day a house with a large expanse of glass oriented to take advantage of the winter sun will warm up significantly during the day. The temperature will however drop rapidly as the sun drops below the horizon. An underfloor system is slow to heat up it is therefore important to have control systems that can allow for and compensate for such scenarios . 
Layout and distribution systems
The layout of your home, its potential cold Zones and the use of each area have a bearing on the layout of heating circuits. Below are some typical patterns the counterflow ( botom right being the best for even heat across a room.  It is also important to use a good quality manifold system. Savona supply a range of high quality European under floor equipment and the advanced pipe system of John Guest the leading UK underfloor manufacturer.
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We have a full range of Quality UFH products and pipe available
Its Not Worth The Risk......
Beware of cheap low quality pipe systems .. You only get one shot with under floor make sureyou specify the best..
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