Omni heat pack Kitset system package 8 radiator system suitable for an average 200 sq m home


A Kitset radiator central heating package - suitable for a typical 200 sq metre home

Pack includes

1 x 28KW combination Gas boiler  with built in time controller (in addition to the heating this boiler has an optional ability to produce 12.5 Litres per minute of domestic hot water.)

1x Standard wall flue

8 stylish BSG radiators  - 1 x 

7x Thermostatic radiator valves   plus  9 x lock shield valves

100m of 10mm speedfit pipe - 50m of 22mm speedfit pipe - 30m of 15mm speedfit pipe

A starter pack of Speedfit fittings includes -  2x 22mm tees 2x 22-15-15 tees  2x 22-22-15 tees   4x 22-22-10 tees   2x 15-15-10 tees   2x 15-10-10 tees  4x 22mm elbows  4x 15mm elbows  8x 10mm elbows   2x 22mm connectors  2x 10mm connectors  2x 15 - 10  reducers    2x 22 by copper connectors  2x 15 by copper connectors  100 10mm inserts  50x 15mm inserts 50x 22mm inserts and 20x 10mm clips

5m 0f 22mm copper pipe  plus 2.5m of 15mm copper pipe 

1x annologue room thermostat

1x system filling loop and 1 dose of system corrosion protector